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Listography: 5 reasons why I know I am a ………Headless Chicken!

I think this term now best describes my days, my months, my life; my poor attempt at being a mother to 3 children, wife to 1 long-suffering husband, friend to many, slave to the grindstone etc!


1.   There are laundry baskets in varying stages of the process littered around the house…consequently the drawers & wardrobes are empty and when anyone yells ‘where’s my school uniform’, shirt, pants etc, I direct them to the ‘blue stripey bag at the top of the stairs/washing line/fermenting PE kit bag!

2.   I have half finished jobs/projects all around the house; half a Granny square that I started in my eager moments of thinking I should learn to crochet (why?), a bag of compost, a zillion pots and many packets of seeds on the garden table in my ‘groundforce’ moment when I thought we should grow our own and a John Lewis bag of material gathering dust next to my Kirsty Alsopp’s Craft book (also gathering dust!) next to a curtain pole…I couldn’t decide whether  to make curtains or bunting on my new sewing machine (also gathering dust!!) so did neither so far!

3.   I regularly open the microwave to find my mug of tea which I hadn’t had time to drink before the school run so popped it in the microwave to reheat (yuk!) on my return and prompty forgot I had put it in there.

4.   I actually make it out of the door in time for the school run, complete with everyone in hats/gloves/shoes/coats (not necessarily their own), school bag, water bottle, nappy bag, phone, keys…seatbelt on, start the car, realise I am still in my pyjama trousers and slippers…pop back inside to dress appropriately and collect the child I forgot to put in the car the first time (no, I’m not joking!).

5.   The hallway has a plethora (hate that word) of plastic bags with who knows what in…they’re all destined for somewhere, borrowed baby bits back to a friend, charity shop offerings, hand-me-downs for friend who just had a new baby, Skaterboy’s eco project that should’ve been in school last week, overdue books for the library and many more…I just keep forgetting to put them in the car!

It’s a worry, this list of 5 is just a snippet of daily/weekly chaos, I really need to streamline my life but just don’t know where to start! I might just pop the kettle on to make a cuppa…then forget I ever did and pour myself a glass of wine!

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Listography: Cook Books

When it comes down to it, I probably love the idea of cooking more than the ‘actual’ doing…I don’t think this was always the case as from attending Catering College at 16, I have never really been far away from the Food & Hospitality Industry. With stints in Formula 1 hospitality and now currently working for a top London caterer, I would consider myself a real ‘foodie’…but more the ‘eating’ side of things than the production.  Since being on maternity for the 3rd time, cooking seems to have become more of a chore than a pleasure, with having just cleared away from one meal catering for all age ranges from weaning baby to hungry husband, I’m already having to think of the next one…3 x’s a day, 7 days a week, it has kind of lost a bit of that magic due to time constraints.

So I’m really pleased that Kate Takes 5 has chosen fave Cook Books for her Listography topic this week as it has prompted me to fall in love with my recipes again…here’s my Top 5…

1. Tana Ramsay’s Family Kitchen


I turn to this book regularly and have some faves that I know the kids will eat and are very easy to do…still loads I haven’t tried but look delicious so will get round to it one day!

2. Nigella Lawson’s Nigella Express


I like Nigella and I love her food…I always have the ingredients for her Rocky Road in my cupboard and often make it when I need a bit of a pick-me-up…my copy is still in storage since moving house but it’s all on the internet thankfully.

3. Bill Granger’s Simply Bill


I love his books and style of cooking…it really is so ‘laid back Aussie /outdoor lifestyle’, a real tonic to counteract our somewhat dreary winter weather.  I make his coconut bread regularly, served toasted with lime marmalade, it’s to die for (actual recipe in another of his books) and again, my copy still in storage 😦

4. Various!


Ok, so this one is a bit of a cheat but I am a sucker for those freebie recipe cards found in all the supermarkets and any similar free magazines…my husband despairs of me as they are in a big messy heap in the kitchen most of the time.  I have to confess to making about 5% of the ones I have but they are good for inspiration.

5. The Hummingbird Bakery’s Cake Days


I just bought this last week…it was such a pretty coloured cover and I love cake so it was a simple impulse buy…I have yet to bake anything from it…still too busy working my way through the freebie recipe cards!

I hope you like my selection and I look forward to looking at everyone else’s…between the Mugs & this weeks Listography, I feel like I have visited all your kitchens…wierd!!

PS…just in case you feel affronted that I have missed the deity that is Delia off my list…I haven’t…See No.4, I have her Waitrose recipe cards…!



Listography: Mugs

I knew I couldn’t be the only one who was very particular about which mug I used at what time of day and what type of drink…and so here’s the proof at Kate Takes 5

This is my ‘1st brew of the day’ mug…Mum bought it back from Devon years ago (20!) and it is just about the only mug I’ve owned that has lasted this long.  It’s always been my thing (issue!) about people calling me Caroline instead of Carolyn so this was Mum in support of the name she gave me!

Obviously never used as a drinking vessel due to the amount of crap in it, but I love it.  It’s my only one of this type although my Husband has loads…Best Dad, Best Dad in the World etc and not because he is and I’m not, but because I always buy them for him from the kids and he doesn’t…but that is another ‘issue’ of mine for another day!

This little beauty is a great reminder of the old Uni days spent in a wee village called Alsager.  Anybody who was suffering a hangover in the mornings (most of the campus after Wednesday BUSA night Disco) would descend on Barry’s Pantry (locally known by us as Barry’s Pants!) who sold only Staffordshire Oatcakes…never heard of them before moving to this village and have rarely seen them since but with melted cheese, sauteed mushrooms and crispy bacon, they were the best hangover cure in the world…so bottoms up to Barry..what a legend!

Now this one is not as it seems…I never drink coffee out of this, this is for my ‘rest of the day’ cuppas.  I never did take very kindly to instruction!

…and lastly, my coffee mug…taken just before the school run to stop me falling asleep at the wheel…

If I go to someone else’s place for coffee, I always have a good nose at their cup/mug selection and just pray that they select me one that I like…how fussy is that? If I don’t like the mug, I don’t enjoy the drink..wierdo!  But now I know I am but one of many cupaphobics so that’s OK then.

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