Just me 'blurbing' about life..past, present & future…family, ancestry, books, sport, crafts…whatever pops into my head!

About Me

Mum of 3 little beauties so busy, busy & busy!  Love sport, fascinated by genealogy & family history and wish I had more time for crafts & reading.  Married to ‘camera guy’ who is particularly busy this year as is a Sports photographer…London 2012, need I say more? HELP!!!

I am an ex-Formula 1 bun-tart who was far more at ease travelling the world working hard, playing hard than managing a household, doing limitless laundry (groan!) and creating endless meals (double/triple groan!) for my darling children…and as for the nappies….aaagggghhhhhhhh!

Skaterboy is 6 and has a wicked sense of humour.  Middling is our 2 year old who is really embracing the Terrible 2’s.  Little Miss Red is our darling 9mth old who can do no wrong and has the greatest smile ever.

I am a Party Planner for a top London caterer although currently on eternal maternity (2 babes in 2 years…oops!) and just about to make my return to the rat race…scary!  If I thought I was busy before, it’s all just about to get REEEEEEEALLY busy!

I used to get out more often!!


One response to “About Me

  1. Thanks for dropping by my new blog! And wow – you really are busy!! Looking forward to reading more xxx

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