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The Gallery #120 – ‘Old’

on Monday 22 October 2012

So….’old’…hmmmmmm, well that could be a great number of things, particularly in this house where I hoard everything.  I found an old T-shirt the other day which I got when I worked in a hostel in Venice Beach in the late ’80’s, still fits so that is reassuring I suppose!  I also have my old competition leotard from my Gymnastic days, not surprisingly, that doesn’t still fit!

…but this photo really is old and has long fascinated me as I am a real family history geek.  It’s of my Great Granny Bella, Isabella Sanderson, who was a very strict Presbyterian…she’s pictured here holding the family bible looking rather stern.  My Grandad is the boy in the middle but what really makes this photo is my Great Auntie Mary Findlay Thomson (left) who hopped on an Ocean Liner in 1912 when she was only 24 and headed to America by herself.  I still haven’t managed to track her down after her arrival at Ellis Island but have always thought how brave that was.  At 18 I jumped on a plane and flew to America by myself on the Camp America exchange but that seemed pretty easy in comparison to what she must’ve done.

…I named my first son Finlay having not known her existence at the time or the significance in  the ‘Findlay’ name in our family tree; I feel determined to keep searching for her!

Anyways, not the most creative interpretation of ‘old’ so have a look at Tara’s link on The Gallery at Sticky Fingers to see some more entries.


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