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Silent Sunday

on Sunday 1 April 2012

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11 responses to “Silent Sunday

  1. Love the humour in this – and what beautiful eyes!

  2. Mammasaurus says:

    Ha ha! Love the Smurf tag too!!!!

  3. Haha. Brilliant. What has she been eating?

  4. Ha ha, didn’t realise the tags showed up underneath!

    Yes, little brother left his ink stamper within her reach, turned around and she was sucking it…momentary panic, thought she had drunk my raspberry slush puppy!!

  5. Hope it washed off! Very funny 😀

  6. Brilliant! Eyes and mouth match. Once looked like that after an evening of blue cocktails.

  7. actuallymummy says:

    Oh no! Ink? I thought it was one of those atrocious bubblegum ice lollies my kids always pester for!

  8. Gina Caro says:

    oh dear, bless her x

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