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The Gallery: Week 95 – Colour

on Wednesday 21 March 2012

…fab prompt for this time of year, I love how the grey/white/grim colourless winter gets blown away by the vibrant lively colours of spring…I do feel like a hibernating hedgehog just waking up!


This azalea caught my eye in the local florists, not only for it’s sale price of £2 but it’s gorgeous colour and I’m not a real ‘pink’ person! I thought it would brighten up the garden…that is until my Dad reliably informed me that if I have an azalea that is in bloom now…then it is not a hardy one and can’t be put in the garden (how does he know such things?)…annoying, but still beautiful and now brightening up my kitchen!


Taken in Scotland last year, I love the warmth of this picture knowing that it wasn’t warm up there at all…if only it were taken by me (clever husband, *groan*).

See what the others have posted at The Gallery at Sticky Fingers. …there’s many impressive and interesting interpretations this week, as always!



4 responses to “The Gallery: Week 95 – Colour

  1. These are both fab. Love the symphony in pink! Good to meet you via The Gallery!

    • So glad you stopped by…I saved your page as couldn’t find where to comment on it…the Guide outfit really made me laugh, I keep all manner of stuff like that, pretty sure I have my hat and neckerchief thing somewhere tho never had nearly as many badges as you…mainly on account of our ‘entire’ troupe being requested to leave, nothing to do with the fact that as a collection of brids, ours was called ‘Thrush’!!!

      • Thrush was an unfortunate name, eh?! You should deffo keep everything. i am a bit of a squirrel, but thank God my Mum was too, otherwise I’d never have all this awesome stuff to do ridiculous Blog Posts with!! Making memories as a legacy for my children, I mean….(BTW for comments, click in the black box top left!)

  2. Kirsty says:

    Wow! Love that snow picture, amazing contrast between the warm colours and obvious cold weather! I found you via The Gallery

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