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The Gallery: Blogger Wedding Album

on Sunday 18 March 2012

….yipppeeeeeeee, I will actually get to be in a Wedding Album…finally!  We had a ridiculous number of photographers (guests) at our wedding along with a professional Wedding photographer but still have no Wedding Album…or even a framed photo come to think of it!

We married in Feb 2005 after having got engaged in the previous October.  It wasn’t a great deal of time to plan a wedding but I really had no choice.  We both worked in MotorRacing, along with so many of our friends, with the season starting in March & ending in November we either had to do it before the season started or after it finished…I didn’t want to wait so long in case he changed his mind so opted for the earlier date.

Being a Wedding Planner it should’ve been easy really but planning your own is a different game altogether…it was comedy for the most part but I loved every minute of it…especially these funny bits…

…oh dear, the Groom got the Bride’s name wrong!!! There was an audible gasp from the guests…

he’s lucky I still said ‘yes’!

The beautiful confetti throwing & bubble blowing moment was lovely…

until someone (naming no names!!) got the bird seed out…got the Groom right in the eye…

The first dance to Paul Weller’s ‘You’re the best thing’ (we met at a Weller concert in Barcelona)…this was supposed to be a beautiful moment, a Dutch tradition started by friends where everyone holds ribbon ends and you end up entwined together in beautiful colourful ribbon….it didn’t quite trasnslate as the ribbons lengths were too short…

more like being lassooed is how ours was!

“Say something nice about the bride”…I hope I wasn’t too threatening!!

“Just Married”…

The End

Thanks to Tara Cain & A bloggers wedding album …go take a look at everyone else’s ‘meringues & vol au vents’!


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