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The Gallery: Week 93 – Friends

on Wednesday 14 March 2012

…’oh goodie’ I thought when I saw this weeks prompt, I have great friends and lots of photos of them…some from my distant past, lots recently through having my children and many collected from each chapter of my life along the way.  As a hoader of most things, any things from my past…I also collect & hoard friends.

Here’s a few of them:

My best mate ‘Bird’…we became friends at University when we played Volleyball together, ultimately ending up travelling the world together, working together…still best mates nearly 20 years on, she’s awesome!

I met Lula at work…she tagged on to a holiday a few of us had booked to Bali, a random liquid lunch in Kuta and many Cuba Libre’s later and we became best her!

My wonderful big Sis, Hils…obviously known her a while and tho’ we fought as kids, she is my most precious friend in the world…so lucky to have her.

…and this is all of us together on my 40th at an outside ice rink…I love that I met each of them at different places & times but we all have worked and played together!

These are a mixture of some of my closest friends from university and a summer camp in the USA but all happily morphed into one common group of friends now…this was taken when we all met in Australia for one of my best friend’s (Dickie) wedding (me with the beer in hand!). We still all catch up, not all at the same time so much as spread in various countries and now all with children but it’s always like the good ole carefree days when we do meet up.

In the yester years of letter writing (can barely get a birthday card off on time these days) I took great care in choosing all my different coloured & patterned stationery from the shops and specific pens depending on my mood and I would write letters to everyone…and there was nothing like the thrill of receiving one back.  If only those days were still here and the post didn’t only consist of bills, flyers & other boring stuff.

However, I can’t complain about the ‘modern day letter writing’ as catching up with old friends on Facebook & emails from around the world is fab.  Sometimes I think I should trim down the number of friends I try and stay in touch with but each one holds memories of a certain time & place in my life and without them and the photos that go with them, I would forget bits of my life.  So I’ll hold on to them all (I still have most letters I’ve ever received too and address books dating back to school…yes, our loft is fairly full!) for now and continue to carry on making new ones…you never know when you may need one!


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