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The Gallery: Light…cont’d…

on Saturday 10 March 2012

…got confused with another linky where you can only post one photo and after having a looksie at other peoples entries, realised I had loads more photos that I always remember for the ‘light’…so sorry, here’s a few belated ones…


This was taken by hubby on our honemoon to Morzine…such a great pic for the fact that I was looking like I could actually snowboard and not on my @$$ as was the case for most of the time, bar this split second!

And after the honeymoon, (…literally) came out firstborn, light of our lives…


Camera Guy was very good at taking pics in those days as it was just the 3 of us, always stopping the car because it was ‘great light’…


Our ‘baby’ looking like an angel with his ‘halo of light’…we have tried to reinact this moment with our subsequent babies but none were quite as perfect as this one…


…and finally this one, always love a children & ice cream photo…


OK…and now I am going to turn the lights off…..and go to bed!


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