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Baking & Blogging

on Tuesday 28 February 2012

I’ve invited a friend around for a cuppa after the school run…why then does that strike the fear of God into me…errrr, must tidy/clean the house, ensure all dirty laundry actually IN the basket and not lurking at the top of the landing where sons’ flicked it off the end of their foot (nightly occurrence, they find it hilarious, me less so!) and most importantly, make sure there is something yummy in the larder to offer them.  Well the 1st 2 chores took me until now so I have only just put a cake in the oven…quite sensible at 11pm!

I love looking at other peoples blogs, especially the baking ones where it is all neatly laid out and followed step by photographic step , still looking tidy as if it were Saturday Kitchen…am I the only one who’s baking experiences could not be further from the truth?

Firstly, I never seem to have the correct sized tin, how can that be?  I have so flipping many of them, surely one must be a ‘usual’ size?

Secondly, my ‘baking’ cupboard apparently is full of stuff I never need in recipes so how did I come about buying it in the first place…(no, I don’t put calpol or marmite in my cakes!)  I have already disgarded about 20 simple recipes on account of missing joker ingredient like semolina, cornflower or Alchemilla Vulgaris!

The empty jar (bottom left) is not some vital ingredient as such but the biscuit jar and is always empty apart from on shopping days!

So anyway, after 20mins of blurbing on about my lack of baking finesse, the moment is finally here…

It’s a success…in as much as it came out of the tin in one piece and is very edible…will be even more so once the artistic lemon icing has been ‘piped’ (don’t have a piping bag so will go for the spoon drizzled effect, I am sure Tana won’t mind!) on.  I have to let it cool so will have to be a rush job tomorrow morning before school run…no pressure!

…now to dust off the posh guest mugs, they’re here somewhere…



One response to “Baking & Blogging

  1. Charlotte says:

    I love this! I won’t lie, my baking cupboard and tins are very organised but they are the only part of my life that are! Live that you’ve shared your chaos. Makes my other cupboards look normal! :0)

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