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Silent Sunday

on Sunday 26 February 2012

Silent Sunday mocha beanie mummy


10 responses to “Silent Sunday

  1. Mammasaurus says:

    Action stations! I have a 3 year old pestering me for a scooter at the moment and I do have to admit – it looks fun!

    • So much faster than a toddler who wants to walk everywhere…he just wants to be like his big brother so upgraded for 6yr old skaterboy & hand-me-down to 2yr old Roly Poly…keep handy supply of plasters in every pocket!

  2. We totally love Microscooters! they ROCK

    • They are good…we revamped most of the parts on the blue one to pass down to the 2yr old…great service! Wish I’d been the one to get the import business on them, they must be laughing now! Our school has a ridiculous number of scooter racks to accommodate them all.
      Thanks for popping by to comment, I appreciate that as a major newbie!

  3. Herding Cats says:

    What a great way to spend a sunny day

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