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The Gallery: Embarrassing Outfits

on Saturday 18 February 2012

Yikes, probably not the best way to start a blog, showing me in my least attractive moment but seeing as this is not an Internet Dating site and I am so new to blogging that I doubt anyone will be looking, it’s probably a good time to get it out of the way.

Plus I could do with a laugh right now…this cold weather is killing me as is the combination of no sleep, 3 children under 6 and our ‘middle’ one grabbing the terrible 2’s by the horns and really ripping them to shreds………so…….which embarrassing outfit to select, there were/are so many!

It probably should come from my college days back in the early 80’s as Chelsea Girl in Margate was responsible for most of them but this is a new PC and I don’t think the photo memory bank goes back that far (phew!)…so I’ll just have a quick browse, see what shows itself…

Of course we thought we looked cool...on a ferry en route to France, goodness only knows what the chic French thought of us!

How kind, Facebook provided this relic…seriously, stripes were so ‘in’…they must’ve been, all of us were wearing them!

Unfortunately I am the one wearing the orange stripy leggings and I’ve no idea what the oversized magenta sunnies were all about. The white headband was a poor attempt at trying to calm my wild hair…now if straighteners had been around in the early 80’s…!

Now go to to see the other entries and maybe join in …if you’re brave enough!


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