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I’ve invited a friend around for a cuppa after the school run…why then does that strike the fear of God into me…errrr, must tidy/clean the house, ensure all dirty laundry actually IN the basket and not lurking at the top of the landing where sons’ flicked it off the end of their foot (nightly occurrence, they find it hilarious, me less so!) and most importantly, make sure there is something yummy in the larder to offer them.  Well the 1st 2 chores took me until now so I have only just put a cake in the oven…quite sensible at 11pm!

I love looking at other peoples blogs, especially the baking ones where it is all neatly laid out and followed step by photographic step , still looking tidy as if it were Saturday Kitchen…am I the only one who’s baking experiences could not be further from the truth?

Firstly, I never seem to have the correct sized tin, how can that be?  I have so flipping many of them, surely one must be a ‘usual’ size?

Secondly, my ‘baking’ cupboard apparently is full of stuff I never need in recipes so how did I come about buying it in the first place…(no, I don’t put calpol or marmite in my cakes!)  I have already disgarded about 20 simple recipes on account of missing joker ingredient like semolina, cornflower or Alchemilla Vulgaris!

The empty jar (bottom left) is not some vital ingredient as such but the biscuit jar and is always empty apart from on shopping days!

So anyway, after 20mins of blurbing on about my lack of baking finesse, the moment is finally here…

It’s a success…in as much as it came out of the tin in one piece and is very edible…will be even more so once the artistic lemon icing has been ‘piped’ (don’t have a piping bag so will go for the spoon drizzled effect, I am sure Tana won’t mind!) on.  I have to let it cool so will have to be a rush job tomorrow morning before school run…no pressure!

…now to dust off the posh guest mugs, they’re here somewhere…


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Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday mocha beanie mummy


Listography: Mugs

I knew I couldn’t be the only one who was very particular about which mug I used at what time of day and what type of drink…and so here’s the proof at Kate Takes 5

This is my ‘1st brew of the day’ mug…Mum bought it back from Devon years ago (20!) and it is just about the only mug I’ve owned that has lasted this long.  It’s always been my thing (issue!) about people calling me Caroline instead of Carolyn so this was Mum in support of the name she gave me!

Obviously never used as a drinking vessel due to the amount of crap in it, but I love it.  It’s my only one of this type although my Husband has loads…Best Dad, Best Dad in the World etc and not because he is and I’m not, but because I always buy them for him from the kids and he doesn’t…but that is another ‘issue’ of mine for another day!

This little beauty is a great reminder of the old Uni days spent in a wee village called Alsager.  Anybody who was suffering a hangover in the mornings (most of the campus after Wednesday BUSA night Disco) would descend on Barry’s Pantry (locally known by us as Barry’s Pants!) who sold only Staffordshire Oatcakes…never heard of them before moving to this village and have rarely seen them since but with melted cheese, sauteed mushrooms and crispy bacon, they were the best hangover cure in the world…so bottoms up to Barry..what a legend!

Now this one is not as it seems…I never drink coffee out of this, this is for my ‘rest of the day’ cuppas.  I never did take very kindly to instruction!

…and lastly, my coffee mug…taken just before the school run to stop me falling asleep at the wheel…

If I go to someone else’s place for coffee, I always have a good nose at their cup/mug selection and just pray that they select me one that I like…how fussy is that? If I don’t like the mug, I don’t enjoy the drink..wierdo!  But now I know I am but one of many cupaphobics so that’s OK then.

Take a look at the other ‘wierdos’!  Linking up to Kate’s Listography

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The Gallery: Embarrassing Outfits

Yikes, probably not the best way to start a blog, showing me in my least attractive moment but seeing as this is not an Internet Dating site and I am so new to blogging that I doubt anyone will be looking, it’s probably a good time to get it out of the way.

Plus I could do with a laugh right now…this cold weather is killing me as is the combination of no sleep, 3 children under 6 and our ‘middle’ one grabbing the terrible 2’s by the horns and really ripping them to shreds………so…….which embarrassing outfit to select, there were/are so many!

It probably should come from my college days back in the early 80’s as Chelsea Girl in Margate was responsible for most of them but this is a new PC and I don’t think the photo memory bank goes back that far (phew!)…so I’ll just have a quick browse, see what shows itself…

Of course we thought we looked cool...on a ferry en route to France, goodness only knows what the chic French thought of us!

How kind, Facebook provided this relic…seriously, stripes were so ‘in’…they must’ve been, all of us were wearing them!

Unfortunately I am the one wearing the orange stripy leggings and I’ve no idea what the oversized magenta sunnies were all about. The white headband was a poor attempt at trying to calm my wild hair…now if straighteners had been around in the early 80’s…!

Now go to to see the other entries and maybe join in …if you’re brave enough!

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